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Custom Mobile App Development Services

Build a custom mobile app solution for major platforms and most popular devices.

Mobile application development for various platforms

With our mobile application developer, you can create a native app for Android and iOS, or a cross-platform solution with a seamless native-like mobile experience.

Android app development
Create a scalable Android app for smartphones and tablets using Kotlin or Java. We can help you reach over 2.5 billion Android users all over the globe.
iOS app development
Build a secure solution for iPhone and iPad using Swift or Objective-C. JatApp can develop a competitive product with appealing UI and smooth performance.
Cross-platform mobile app development
Develop a feature-packed mobile application using Flutter or React Native. Build a solution for both iOS and Android with minimum time, effort, and budget.

Our technology stack

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Firebase
  • Amplitude
  • AppsFlyer
  • SPM
  • GitLab
  • Bitrise

Full-cycle mobile app development

JatApp provides end-to-end mobile application development services to cover all stages of the product development cycle.

Once a client comes to JatApp with specific project requirements, we thoroughly analyze them and brainstorm a product concept. Our expert team scopes the concept to align it with the current market needs and user demands.
UI/UX design
JatApp’s experts refine the product concept to create a prototype that can be used for user testing or raising funds. Then we develop an appealing and intuitive user interface to hand over to our engineering team.
App development
Our engineers have solid tech expertise to turn your idea into a functional and intuitive mobile application. We work in iterations to handle development tasks within the project scope and perform QA and testing on each development stage.
After the product release, our team supports the app. We fix bugs and add new features. JatApp can scale your mobile app to align it with the growing business needs and implement updates based on user feedback.

Emerging tech we use

We implement advanced IoT and AI technologies to make applications smarter and more efficient. You can use our expertise to build solutions for remote device control and real-time data collection, and for data-driven decision-making.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology allows connecting software and hardware via various communication protocols. Using a mobile app, users can control their smart devices from any location.

Why work with us

With a mobile app developer like JatApp, you will get a smart, interactive, and appealing solution while meeting the deadlines and budget. We use the latest technologies and development approaches to iteratively improve the product at each development stage.

Agile approach
By breaking the development process into sprints, we increase the team's efficiency, ensure high product quality, and reduce risks.
Robust tech stack
Our engineers use modern programming languages and frameworks to increase developer productivity and speed up the development process.
Utilizing DevOps principles, we automate repetitive tasks and implement CI/CD practices to accelerate the deployment speed and ensure timely delivery.
Deep expertise
With an extensive experience in various domains and technologies, JatApp can build a full-fledged mobile application for your specific business.
Predictable delivery
Our engineering team follows a well-defined product development roadmap managed by our project managers. We monitor risks and guarantee timely delivery.
Cost efficiency
Strong tech expertise and efficient project management enable our team to significantly reduce development costs with no compromise on quality.

Build a native or cross-platform app with JatApp

Team up with JatApp to develop a scalable and appealing mobile application to target multiple platforms. We can help you create a consumer-facing solution for Android and iOS, or build a cross-platform app for both platforms simultaneously.

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