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eLearning Software Development Services

Create an engaging eLearning software solution that improves the way people teach, learn, and communicate. We offer eLearning software development services for building and scaling your product.

Embrace edtech opportunities with a reliable team

JatApp is an education software development company that cooperates with entrepreneurs looking to develop educational software, as well as with K-12 and high educational facilities. Our crew can develop mobile and web-based apps, build cloud-based solutions, or optimize your existing digital products.

Online transformation
Transform your educational space into an engaging e-learning platform.
New application development
Create solutions to deal with the existing edtech challenges.
Team augmentation
Extend your team with experts that specialize in your niche.

Bring a digital touch to education

The education industry has gone through a radical transformation, and you have to keep pace with it. We build cloud-based platforms, eLearning apps, and learning management systems to support education organizations, businesses, and newly-emerged startups. We offer a solid technology partnership to help you develop digital products that allow people to obtain knowledge and acquire new skills anytime from anywhere.

24/7 access from anywhere
We can help you move teachers and learners from four-wall classrooms to an interactive digital space accessible from anywhere 24/7. Users will enjoy functional educational solutions they can use on the go from any mobile device.
User-friendly interface
Design UI that encourages users to make the next click. We create convenient and responsive learning environments letting students focus on training without being distracted by complex interactions and slow loading speed.
Advanced assessment tools
Our developers can incorporate advanced solutions to monitor students’ performance on the platform. Clear dashboards and diagrams will let teachers evaluate and analyze learners’ skills and abilities.
Third-party integrations
We can pack your platform with software integrations and provide access to third-party tools to make the experience of using your e-learning solution both interactive (Zoom, GoToWebinar) and convenient (Google Calendar, PayPal).
Gamification features
The learning process is more productive when it's entertaining and competitive. Our experts can design and implement gamification features such as badges, leaderboards, and more to improve students' motivation to study on your platform.
Cloud-based solutions
Using cloud technology to build your platform will help you cut maintenance costs and enable stable growth. Our experts will develop your product using a cloud-native approach with scalable architecture, automated infrastructure, and fast time to market.

Our focus areas in educational software development

We specialize in learning management systems, tutoring platforms, and edtech app development. Our elearning software development agency has built such projects before and we can provide you with the needed expertise to develop, support, maintain your product.

eLearning applications

Tell us what subject or skills you want to focus on with your solution and we will develop an elearning application following your vision. Our team will study your users’ problems, define underserved needs in your niche, and offer a mobile solution to solve them. We will also incorporate gamification features to make your product fun to interact with.

Learning management systems (LMS)

Due to the Covid outbreak, most enterprises went online and require digital tools to educate their employees. We have sufficient expertise in developing LMSs for educational organizations and startups. We can help you create an effective learning environment with appealing UI, wide customization options, and accurate reporting tools.

Online tutoring platforms

If you want to create a tutoring platform, JatApp is here for you: we know how to build marketplaces with convenient scheduling tools and rating systems that connect educators with students. Our team can implement flexible payment methods, easy-to-use dashboards, video chats, effortless navigation, and other sought-after functionality.

Large experience. Full commitment. Excellent delivery

If you work with us, you not only get access to our years of experience in educational software development but also the ability to launch your product fast and scale it easily. We use modern methods of software development (microservices, cloud) alongside proven practices (Agile, DevOps) to deliver a successful project.

Microservice architecture
Cloud technology
Product thinking
Continuous delivery
Large experience
Full commitment
Excellent delivery

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