Building an Online Tutoring Marketplace for Homework Help

Developing an Online Tutoring Marketplace for Homework Help

The JatApp team built a custom online tutoring platform that connects students with tutors for qualified homework help. 
The marketplace allows learners to get assistance with home assignments on various subjects.

  • Duration: 5 months
  • Country: USA
  • Industry: Education

Background story

As students in the USA spend much time and effort to properly prepare for classes, they look for online tutoring solutions to support their learning needs. Online tutoring marketplaces help learners save time and get better educational outcomes. Our client turned to us to develop such a marketplace. JatApp built an online tutoring platform that makes it fast and convenient for students to get qualified homework help, and for tutors ‒ to share their knowledge and get paid for that.

Edtech online tutoring platform

About the tutoring platform

The solution we developed is an online tutoring marketplace that works as a homework helper. Students can get homework assistance from experts in 40 areas of study.

Here is how it works: To get homework help, a student posts a question with required instructions and picks out a deadline. Next, they review the tutor’s proposals and choose the one that satisfies their requirements and budget. Learners can also communicate with teachers using a live chat to learn more about the tutor’s experience and discuss details. Once the expert is chosen, the student makes a deposit; when the order completion is confirmed, the tutor gets paid.


A serial entrepreneur from the US turned to JatApp to help build a lucrative solution for the education industry. JatApp carried out thorough business research to analyze the market and define a profitable product idea. Based on the received findings, and after lots of discussions, we decided to develop an online tutoring marketplace where American students could get expert help with their home assignments.

Our client set a time limit ‒ we had to release the first version of the product in five months. We successfully met this deadline.


  • Business analysis

    Our cooperation with the client started with thorough business analysis. JatApp specialists researched the market and analyzed what software solutions were currently in demand. When we agreed on the idea of an online tutoring platform, we created a product development roadmap and specified the requirements that the project needed to meet.
  • Custom software development

    Our expert team built the web application using PHP and Node.JS. To develop live chats, we used Socket.IO ‒ a library that enables real-time bi-directional communication between the client and the server. This technology ensures low-latency communication, which means the platform is optimized to process a very high volume of data messages with minimal delay.
  • UI/UX design

    JatApp implemented intuitive UI/UX design that meets the needs of both teachers and students and provides an engaging user experience on the platform.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Yii2
  • NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis


The platform we built includes the following features:

Internal panel for students

When a student registers on the platform, they enter the panel for learners. Students can post questions, look through tutors’ profiles, place orders to complete a task, read reviews and ratings, and communicate with tutors.

Internal panel for teachers

To register on the platform, a tutor has to pass a verification process where they provide documents that prove their education and identity. Once the verification is successful, a teacher can review orders and place proposals. Tutors can also set up notifications for new student requests by specifying their subject and the lowest rate they can accept. These notifications will instantly inform teachers when new orders appear on the platform.

Live chat for teacher-student communication

JatApp developed a messaging system to ensure effective communication between students and teachers. Users can discuss all issues in the chat. Plus, chat messages are automatically sent to the user’s emails. This way students and tutors stay connected all the time.

PayPal integration

PayPal integration


Our solution allowed our client to raise over $500K in funding. Today, the platform grows by 20% yearly, has more than 70K monthly users and positive reviews from satisfied students and tutors. JatApp continues supporting the platform to ensure its stable performance and functionality upgrades.

  • Panel for teachers
  • Panel for students
  • Live chat
  • Convenient online payments

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