Building a Near Miss Reporting App Integrated with IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Management System

Near Miss Reporting App Integrated with IBM TRIRIGA

JatApp helped a leading company in the workplace experience and facility management space develop iOS and Android applications and a dashboard to report and resolve near misses. The application is integrated with the market-leading workplace management solution from IBM.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Country: Denmark
  • Industry: Real Estate

Background story

Lit cigarettes on the ground, spilled coffee, an extension cord stretched across the floor – these seemingly “no harm” situations can result in an injury, illness or damage.

A near miss is an unplanned event that has the potential to cause a human injury, environmental or equipment damage, or an interruption to normal operation. In fact, for every 300 near misses, there is one serious injury.

If an organization doesn’t have a safety culture where employees are encouraged to report near misses (also called closed calls), they lose an opportunity to prevent incidents.

Keeping employees safe and healthy, especially in a post-COVID world, is a key priority in any workplace. One way to increase safety is by using mobile technology. If employees could recognize a near miss and report it before it becomes a problem, organizations can avoid catastrophic events.

We partnered with a digital agency from Denmark to develop a mobile application focused on improving safety at a workplace for a leading facility management services company.

About the Near Miss Reporting App

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    The application we've built belongs to a large enterprise that offers a range of services on an international scale including cleaning, security, property, catering, and facility management.
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    The idea of the app isn't just to collect near-miss reports but to create a safety culture that encourages employees to recognize and report near-miss incidents to reduce risks and potential harm.
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    To get employees in the habit of reporting near misses, the app offers gamification features such as missions, levels, and achievements; and social functions such as feed, profiles, likes, comments, and in-app chats.


To digitize their facility management process, our client uses IBM TRIRIGA, a well-known AI-powered workplace management solution.

We needed to integrate our application with this system to enable data exchange and prevent the same user information from being duplicated when it’s added into the database.


  • IBM TRIRIGA integration

    To enable information exchange between IBM TRIRIGA and our application, we used IBM's XML-based integration software product (IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Applications).
  • Dashboard development

    We used PHP/Laravel to develop a web-based dashboard for administrators to track near-miss reports and manage users.
  • iOS and Android app development

    We used native mobile app development technologies (Swift, Kotlin) to build employee -facing apps.

Technologies Used

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Laravel
  • Twilio
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch


The solution we’ve created offers a way for employees to report near misses and for managers to track and resolve tickets. To encourage reporting, we developed gamification functionality and community-building features.

Here is how the app works: When a user (employee) recognizes a safety issue (eg. a dimly lit space), they can take a photo or video and share it with their colleagues through the news feed. Once the issue is posted, the user receives recognition in the form of XP points (experience points). The more points a user gets, the higher their level. Admins control reports posted by users via a dashboard that shows the number of new near misses posted, time for fixing, user social activity, and other data. Admins can also change the status of the issue (registered, fixed), write answers in comments, and create missions.


We completed this project within six months and continued working with the digital agency that we’ve partnered with to build new products.

  • Seamless integration with IBM TRIRIGA
  • Gamification features to encourage reporting
  • Community-building features to develop a safety culture
  • User-friendly dashboard with analytics and data management

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