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Comprehensive technical expertise for various industries

Get a high-performing team of software engineers with expertise in building solutions for your industry. At JatApp, we've helped dozens of companies develop efficient and scalable software, so let’s discuss our focus areas.

Our approach to software delivery

Interested in how we work? Check out our approach below.

  • Organize a domain-specific team

    We provide qualified specialists with hands-on experience in the following fields: finance, education, HR and recruitment, real estate and proptech, and IoT. Our clients get a cross-functional team to develop software from the ground up or improve existing solutions.
  • Align with client’s objectives

    Our team dives deep into the project requirements to understand our client’s business goals. We run a product discovery session, develop technical specifications, and create prototypes. Based on our experience in your industry, we offer an optimal solution to your business needs.
  • Establish a transparent process

    A manager assigned to a project establishes a transparent development process where a client remains active and engaged throughout all engineering stages. We commit to excellent and predictable project delivery within the boundaries of scope, time, and cost.
  • Get frequent product releases

    Following Agile best practices, our team creates a delivery schedule and builds software in short iterations. We break the process into small sprints to achieve frequent product releases. Our clients get a working product at the end of each iteration.
  • Support and maintain your product

    After product launch, our team provides troubleshooting services and ensures uninterrupted work of the product. We fix bugs, develop new features, and support the product throughout its lifecycle. We also implement DevOps to establish a seamless development cycle.
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