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Hire DevOps Engineers to Deploy High-Quality Software Faster

Hire our DevOps engineers to make deployment processes smoother, increase efficiency and release higher-quality software faster. With our DevOps services, you can turn slow and manual processes into automated software releases.

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Automatic software updates


Optimized infrastructure costs

How our DevOps teams can help

As a DevOps consulting company, JatApp can help you cut down on repetitive tasks and speed up the development process by automating the software development lifecycle. We'll help you identify, document, and automate core processes while reducing the workload of your project team. 

DevOps assessment and consulting
Evaluate your software development and deployment practices, identify inefficiencies, and implement best practices to optimize the software delivery pipeline and enable a culture of continuous improvement.
Infrastructure automation
Use code and scripting to automate the setup and management of IT infrastructure, including provisioning servers, configuring networks, managing storage, and deploying applications.
CI/CD pipeline implementation
Set up a CI/CD pipeline that allows your developers to work on the same code simultaneously. This will ensure that new code is integrated, deployed, and tested faster and bugs are detected sooner.
Cloud DevOps
Quickly and efficiently develop, test, and deploy applications and services in the cloud. We'll automate your infrastructure, monitor your performance, and scale resources up or down as needed.

Leave DevOps and infrastructure management to our experts

Here are some common tasks that our DevOps engineers perform on our clients' projects.

Maintain internal technical documentation
Set up Load Balancer and Auto Scale
Build and deploy apps with Docker
Automate monitoring of Linux-based servers and their architecture
Create CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions or Jenkins
Build and maintain virtual and physical networks, private clouds and internal tools
Audit server security systems
Recommend new technologies to improve server availability and management

What our clients say

Read what clients say about working with JatApp.

Fast negotiation, focus on the right things

“Fast negotiation, maxim focus on the right things. We weren't thinking long about choosing them.”

Stanislav Bacherikov
Software development company

They care about quality results

“They care about providing quality results using well-defined processes, combined with good team organization.”

Jonny Dean-Hastie
Chief Adventurer, 2Be Adventurous

Explore other services

Apart from DevOps consulting, we provide a range of software development services.

Custom software development

Develop new applications using Agile methodologies and continuous delivery to quickly deliver value to end-users

Application modernization

Rebuilt our legacy software with current technologies to ensure that your systems can support your current and future business needs.

Testing & QA

Deliver a quality product on schedule and within budget ‒ we'll help you identify and fix problems early in the development process.

Hire DevOps engineers at JatApp

Get DevOps support from experts with the knowledge of the latest tools and technologies to help you reduce costs and risks associated with managing complex IT infrastructures.

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