Refactoring an Application for Employee Engagement

Refactoring an Application for Employee Engagement

JatApp helped build an employee engagement application that helps keep in touch with team members and monitor employees' mood. It allows companies to increase productivity and retention, and lower staff turnover.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Country: Denmark
  • Industry: HR&Recruitment

Background story

According to the State of the Global Workplace Report, employee engagement has decreased from 22% in 2019 to 20% in 2020. Businesses require efficient software solutions to keep track of how workers feel and enhance their engagement level. Employee engagement applications let staff members openly express their feelings, while allowing the company’s management to track if people are happy with their jobs, and timely react in case they aren’t.

Understanding the mood within an organization has become even more important during the Covid pandemic when most companies switched to fully remote. Employee engagement solutions let companies increase job satisfaction level, make staff feel more comfortable at work, as well as create and maintain a positive relationship in a team.

About the client

A company that develops digital products for businesses approached JatApp with an idea to build software for driving employee engagement. The client wanted to create a white-label solution that would allow organizations to enhance employee satisfaction and well-being.


The client turned to JatApp with an almost-ready, but poor-quality solution. The code was badly written, while some features, like push notifications and GIFs, didn’t work at all. Despite bad code quality, the client didn’t want to redevelop the application ‒ they wanted to hire a team that would refactor the previously written software code, as well as fix bugs when they are detected. JatApp completed the project in 3 months and continues supporting it.


  • Code refactoring

    Although the software code was badly written, the client didn’t want to rewrite it. Our task was to restructure the code to make the application operate properly, making sure all functions, including push notifications and GIFs, work as expected. The client didn’t provide technical specifications, so we had to dig into the code and find problems ourselves.
  • Bug fixing

    When we refactored the code and redeveloped the app's features, the application was launched. However, new bugs still appeared because of the poor quality of the original code, so we continued to maintain the solution.
  • Implementing push notifications

    Previous engineers developed push notifications using Amazon SNS, but the function didn’t work properly. To ensure its smooth performance, we redeveloped the notification system using Firebase Cloud Messaging. It was easier and cheaper than fixing notifications in Amazon SNS. Push notifications are now sent to users to inform them of a new survey or a GIF.

Technologies Used

  • Docker
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • Redis
  • VueJS
  • Swift
  • Kotlin


With JatApp, the client turned a poorly performing buggy app into a seamless survey solution for employee engagement. Here are its main capabilities:

Workday rating

On workdays, users (employees) receive regular push notifications in their mobile apps. Via these notifications, staff members go to the screen where they can specify how they feel on a scale from 1 to 5. Employees can also select factors that influence their mood.

Engagement surveys

The application allows conducting customizable engagement and loyalty surveys. Administrators (HR managers or other specialists responsible for HR) can set up these surveys and their frequency via the admin panel.

Gamification features

The application has gamification features to encourage users to participate in surveys. Employees get experience points (XP) and reward GIFs for completing surveys, and can send these GIFs to their colleagues.

Video feedback

The application includes a video recording feature. Based on the survey results, managers can provide video feedback to personnel and timely respond to the staff’s mood.

Real-time statistics

On the dashboard, administrators can see the results of daily surveys, while the percentage of positive and negative responses is available on the moodfactors scoring panel. Admins can also view the findings of other engagement surveys and assess the active audience share.


Using this app companies can effectively deal with the mood of employees and make an impact on total productivity and staff retention.

  • Workday rating
  • Engagement surveys
  • Gamification features
  • Real-time statistics

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