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Building a Finance Application For Splitting Bills

JatApp developed a mobile application for splitting bills with family members and friends. The solution helps to control the expenses and comes with such functions as automated pay-back reminders, saved groups for those people with whom a user often hangs out, and recurring payments for housemates dealing with utility bills.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Country: The United Kingdom
  • Industry: Fintech

Background story

Bill-splitting can become a real challenge that ruins the party spirit or gets a person in an awkward situation. People often spend a lot of time figuring out who owes what to whom after having each meal or receiving another utility bill for an apartment shared with a friend.

To make bill-splitting simple, Splitzy, a startup from the United Kingdom created an easy-to-use mobile application for friends and family members. We helped Splitzy to build a solution that allows users to settle any bill in a matter of seconds.

About the client

After conducting the market research, our client, an entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, came up with the idea to build a mobile application that would solve the problem of splitting bills. They turned to JatApp, as they needed technical expertise to create an MVP from scratch.


The client asked us to develop such core features as tracking user’s borrowings and lendings, monitoring the balance, and creating groups to sort out bills with usual friends. The challenge was to design the app that would ensure easy-to-use experience. Our designer had to find a way to allow users to quickly sign in and pay the bill without any hassle. Security of money and data was another important consideration. All payments had to be processed by the integrated payment system.

Apart from that, the task was to develop a bill-splitting solution that would be completely commission-free. Given JatApp’s experience in the Fintech mobile app development, we were a natural fit to help Splitzy bring their concept to life.


  • iOS development

    Our mobile development team used Swift programming language to build a native iOS mobile app that is both safe and convenient in use.
  • The Agile methodology

    To ensure productivity and minimize project risks, we divided the development process into several sprints.
  • Mangopay software development kit for payments security

    Mangopay has an E-Money Issuer (EMI) License granted by CSSF and complies with PCI DSS regulations. We used this software development kit to ensure that users can make payments without worrying about transaction’s security.
  • User-friendly design

    Managing personal finance is a task that requires careful attention to details. Since Splitzy deals with user’s money, JatApp’s designer put their efforts into creating a simple yet appealing user interface/user experience design to minimize chances that a user can confuse something and make a wrong transaction.


JatApp developed a native iOS application with the following features:

Adding people to split bills with

A user doesn’t need to send payment requests separately to each person. It’s enough to select people from the friends list, and they will get a notification to make a payment.

Percentage split

If a user needs to split the bill into unequal payments, they can just set a percentage for each person.


JatApp developed an e-wallet that allows Splitzy users to pay and get paid instantly without entering the bank card information every time they need to make a payment.

Groups creation

Users can create groups with their friends, so Splitzy remembers them the next time they need to split the bill.

Reminder notifications

If a user owes someone money or expects the money back, the app sends notifications to remind a person to make a payment within 24 hours. Also, a user can set up the frequency of reminders sent to their friends or family members.

Transaction security

To make an e-wallet secure, a user can set a password or use Touch/Face ID to make a secure payment. In such a way, users can be confident that nobody will spend their money without their consent.

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