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Travel Spots

The client is a US based travel agency developing Apps for tourists, locals and adventure seekers in cities across Europe. Starting in the UK, this project grew into a unique guide for short or long-term trips to Germany, Italy, Austria, and many other countries.


The initial App idea was to create a comfortable, exciting and user-friendly guide to the main tourist spots in the UK. This app had to use the current GPS location of the user and display the most interesting sights or events in the vicinity.

Since Travel Spots team did not have the relevant technical skills in-house, they reached out to JatApp to bring their concept to reality.

JatApp's Strategy

Working with startups means constant interaction and brainstorming about design, content, main project features and, of course, budget. Our priority was to create a comfortable atmosphere for productive teamwork.

Since the client only had a rough product idea in mind, JatApp Business Analysts spent some time investigating the travel and tourism market and eventually came up with the most suitable approach for successful project implementation.

For Travel Spots it was decided to work on a Time & Material basis. The team consisted of UI/UX Designer, iOS, PHP developers and Project Manager.

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Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Objective-C
  • Bitly
  • AFNetworking


The outcome of this fruitful cooperation was a native iOS application with cutting-edge GPS tracking technology, amazing design, and scalable locations database. JatApp enriched the app with an accurate real-time location tracking system and a huge database of local hot travel spots images. The success of this cooperation led to further project scaling and continuous technical support. Among recently added features is User Profile which stores favorite trips, places, and routes as well as allows users to share them with others. Ratings & Reviews alongside with AI-based advisor that offers users information about interesting spots nearby added up to the list of new features.

  • Cutting-edge GPS tracking technology
  • Location Ratings and Reviews
  • AI-based route advisor
  • Search, filters and favorites option

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