Building an Online Test Platform for ISEB Pre-test Preparation

Online Test Preparation Platform to Help Students Pass the ISEB Pre-test

JatApp developed Pre-Quest, a web-based test preparation platform that helps 6-7th-grade students (9 to 12 years old) prepare for the ISEB pre-test to enter independent schools in the UK. Pre-Quest is a set of online, adaptive tasks covering four areas of study ‒ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, English, and Math.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Education

Background story

Boarding Schools’ Association has found: 99% of surveyed Chinese parents choose the United Kingdom as a top study destination for their children.
To enter an independent school in the UK, a student has to pass the ISEB pre-test. Because students need to get high scores on the pre-test, the demand for ISEB test preparation tools is constantly growing.

Brandon Learning Centre is an organization that prepares students for entry in top schools in the UK. In 2018, Brandon Center’s owner made a decision to scale her business by launching an online test platform for students who want to master their skills for the ISEB pre-test. And from that moment, our joint journey began.
The result of this journey is Pre-Quest ‒ an online learning platform that prepares students to conquer the ISEB pre-test.

About Brandon Centre

Pre-Quest, an edtech platform we developed, belongs to Brandon Learning Centre, an offline school that has been preparing Hong Kong students to enter UK schools since 2006. Brandon Centre is founded by Jessica Ogilvy-Stuart, Ph.D., M.Ed., B.A. (Hons). It offers various preparation courses including Academic Preparation Classes, Public Speaking, Interview Preparation, Pre-Test Preparation, Enrichment Courses, and more.

At Brandon Learning Centre, students can gain academic excellence and all the required skills (critical thinking, creativity) to enter top schools in the UK. However, as an offline facility, Brandon Centre could only admit a small number of students, leaving their doors closed for many talented individuals. The founder came up with the idea to create an online platform that would enable more learners to master the ISEB pre-test skills, and, at the same time, scale her business.


When Brandon Learning Centre reached out to us, they clearly knew what product they wanted. Yet, they did not have the required technical expertise to implement it. We had to create a platform from scratch and make it both appealing and easy to use.

Because the platform’s target audience is 9-12-year-old-children, our team also had to make sure we’re designing an engaging, enjoyable, and usable product for children. Our client wanted the platform to be used by parents as well.

That’s why we had to implement functionality that would let parents register on the platform, pay for the subscription and track their children’s learning progress.


JatApp thoroughly studied our client’s requirements and ran a few product discovery sessions to understand how the final product should look and operate. Based on the information acquired, we offered the following solutions:

User-friendly and engaging UI/UX design for kids

Because children have a short attention span, we created bright and appealing illustrations – cute animals in their natural habitat – to keep learners engaged. Each animal (a penguin, a tiger, a fish, and a monkey) is associated with a particular learning area.

For example, a monkey is responsible for non-verbal reasoning, a tiger ‒ for mathematics. We also created a lovely panda character. It supports students throughout their practice on the platform, showing their current level and progress. Children can also choose panda-like avatars for their accounts.

Gamification features

The characters we designed for each area of study are animated. The main page, as well as the page of each learning area, is accompanied by specific music. This way the learning process turns into an adventurous cartoon that keeps a student excited.

While completing tests on the platform, children get badges and trophies that motivate them to try harder. Kids can also compete with each other and track each other’s progress on the leaderboard.

Child and parent accounts

A parent registers on the platform and adds their children to it. Parents can check how much time a student spends on the platform and what results they achieve. Parents may also log in as a student without logging out of their view.

When a child logs in to the account, they see the main page with four areas of study. Students can also track their total progress, evaluate how many points they got and what their leaderboard number is.

  • Admin panel development

    We created an admin panel for our client to control product pricing, payment status and manage platform users.
  • Web development

    We used PHP/Laravel on the backend and VueJS and Ajax on the frontend. The website dynamically updates graphs to display current student progress.
  • PayPal integration

    We integrated the platform with PayPal to provide an easy-to-use payment method for customers. This integration enables users from all over the world to seamlessly pay for the platform's subscription.

Technologies Used

  • Laravel
  • Vue JS
  • Ajax
  • Paypal


The online learning platform we developed for Brandon Learning Centre enables students to get acquainted with the ISEB pre-test format by completing tests
in the four areas of study ‒ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, English, and Math. Pre-Quest is also divided into three levels ‒ Foundation, Intermediate,
and Year of Test. Each level is focused on a specific part of the learning process. The platform has the following features:

Smart feedback system

After a student has completed a test, they receive results together with an explanation in case a mistake was made.

Personalized tests

The test questions are generated based on the student’s abilities. If students make progress, they receive more complicated tasks to solve.


To motivate learners, the platform is powered by gamification features, such as trophies, character animations, leaderboards, badges, and more.

Analytics on student's progress

Pre-Quest enables parents to track their child’s progress within the platform. Parents can watch the statistics directly on the website or receive a progress summary via email.


Pre-Quest, an edtech platform we developed, belongs to Brandon Learning Centre, an offline school that has been preparing Hong Kong students to enter UK schools since 2006.

  • Convenient online payments
  • Gamification features to encourage learning
  • Student's progress tracking and parental control
  • Fun and engaging UI/UX design for kids

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