Building an AI-Powered Mobile App for Identifying Plants

Buildig an AI-Powered Mobile App for Identifying Plants

JatApp built an AI-powered system that helps plant enthusiasts identify plant species and take care of them.

  • Duration: 4 months
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Industry: Education

Background story

When taking care of greenery, experienced gardeners and amateur plant lovers constantly search for information and expert advice, so it’s essential to have it at fingertips.

A plant identification app allows users to recognize plant species and get detailed descriptions of them, set reminders on daily and weekly care routines, like watering, fertilizing, get professional tips from botanists, and pick the best time for planting and transplanting according to the lunar calendar.

Our client wanted to build an application that would simplify the process of plant care for users and help them grow beautiful and healthy plants.

About the client

Our client, an entrepreneur from Europe, did market research and found out that plant identifiers were in demand among users, while the market was full of solutions similar to each other.

He decided to build a product that would be better than competitors’ systems in terms of simplicity and convenience.

The client required an expert engineering team to create applications for iOS and Android, and an admin web panel. JatApp developed an MVP in 4 months, and is currently adding new features to the system.


The client’s goal was to create a helpful application for plant lovers which, at the same time, remains easy to use and has an appealing UI. To make the system convenient for users, we decided to simplify the sign in process. Apart from registration via email, JatApp implemented authentication with Google and Apple that speeds up logging in to the account.

We also had to develop native applications for Android and iOS. To build an intuitive solution for each platform, our experts analyzed the competitors’ products and their functions. We conducted brainstorming sessions with developers and had several design iterations to create an aesthetically pleasing interface.

As getting expert tips via email requires switching between apps, we had to implement a more convenient solution for communication with botanists. JatApp developed a chat where users can ask questions and get answers within 24 hours.


  • Mobile app development

    Our team developed mobile applications for Android and iOS that allow users to identify plants and learn more about them, communicate with experts, get reminders for plant care, and plan their gardening routines using a lunar calendar.
  • Implementing artificial intelligence (AI)

    We implemented AI technology for plant identification. Once the system recognizes a plant, it searches for it in the database, and provides results as aggregated data to users.
  • Authentication with Google and Apple ID

    Google Sign In and Sign In with Apple are integrated into the Android and iOS apps by using Firebase. It allows users to register and log in to their accounts faster.
  • Chat implementation

    As Firebase was already integrated into the project, we decided to implement chat using Firestore Database. It allows keeping data up-to-date across applications without requesting the whole database during each update.
  • Web admin panel development

    Our team developed a web admin panel to work with the plant database. Administrators can update pictures and information about plants without involving the developer. Once the data is changed, it is instantly reflected in the application. Admins can also adjust templates of greeting messages sent to new users in a chat. Answers from botanists are also sent to users via the admin panel.
  • Marketing strategy for the app launch

    Based on the detailed market analysis, we helped our client develop a marketing strategy for a successful app launch. It allowed to significantly increase user growth within a short period of time.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Firebase
  • Kotlin
  • Vue JS
  • Swift
  • AI


JatApp developed an iOS and Android mobile app for plant identification that includes the following functions:

Plant identification

We implemented an artificial intelligence technology to detect plants users don’t know yet. Here is how it works: a user takes a photo of a plant or uploads it from the gallery, and the application provides instant results that include a possible plant name and its image.

Notifications for plant care

In the app, users can set reminders for plant care routines. At a scheduled time, users get notifications about such vital procedures as watering and fertilizing.

Plant recognition app
Expert tips via chat

JatApp implemented a chat where users can discuss plant-specific problems with professional botanists. Users type their questions in a chat and get answers from plant experts.

Lunar calendar

The application has a lunar calendar to help users take care of their plants. Depending on the moon phase, the system provides tips on what is recommended to do on this day, like transplant plants or graft them for better growth.


  • Plant identification
  • Notifications for plant care
  • Expert tips via chat
  • Lunar calendar

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