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Developing a Family Locator App for Android and iOS

JatApp created Fameelee, a mobile app to keep track of family members and stay in touch with them 24/7. The solution consists of native Android and iOS applications that help people take care of their nearest and dearest no matter where they are.

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Country: Latvia
  • Industry: Lifestyle

Background story

Safety is the first priority when it comes to parental care. Every parent wants to protect their children and make sure they are safe. In fact, it refers to any family member or close person ‒ we feel better when we know our loved ones are safe.

Here’s where a location tracking app becomes more than just a solution showing the person’s geolocation. It is a “digital tranquilizer” that relieves us from unnecessary stress and worries, a tool that helps keep kids out of trouble and instantly notify parents when something goes wrong.

About the client

After analyzing Google Trends, an entrepreneur from Latvia decided to create a family tracking app from scratch. The client came to JatApp with a ready-made idea and presented a set of features he wanted to see in a product.

We started the development process following a project-based model. When an MVP was developed, we switched to a dedicated team approach to add new features and improve the existing ones. It took us six months to build an MVP, and a year and a half ‒ to complete the project.


The client closely cooperated with our team and clearly described his demands for the final product. Apart from basic tracking functionality, he wanted to get an intuitive solution suitable for all ages.

What’s more, our team had to find an optimal balance between location tracking accuracy and battery efficiency. Finally, the developed solution had to smoothly work in the background mode and instantly turn on when necessary.


When building Fameelee, we focused on the following tasks:

  • Mobile app development

    We used Objective-C for an iOS application, and Java ‒ for an Android one. Native apps for both platforms include an intuitive interface with features for location tracking and chatting.
  • Geolocation module

    JatApp implemented GPS technology with advanced mapping accuracy for building a geolocation module. This module automatically updates the geolocation of the child or other family members and sends it to the parent’s phone when needed.
  • Battery efficiency

    We optimize the app’s energy use so that it has a low battery consumption level. Our team used an algorithm that doesn't make the GPS tracker work all the time.

Technologies Used

  • Objective C
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Yii2
  • Nodejs
  • MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Soket IO
  • Realm


In the developed solution, a user can create a circle ‒ a group of people to keep in contact with. There might be several circles ‒ family, friends, colleagues, and more depending on the needs.

Real-time location tracking

The app allows tracking the current position of all people from the circle. 30-day location history is available to know what places were visited by family members or friends.

Group and private chats

We developed a chatting feature for real-time communication. Users can keep in touch with each other in private or group chats 24/7.

Emergency notifications

Users get alert notifications whenever their friend or family member needs help.

Speed limit control

The feature enables to set a safe speed limit and get notifications when this limit is exceeded.

Critical areas

People can determine specific places visited by a tracked person and get notification on when this person enters or leaves these places.


Fameelee was downloaded by over 3 million users on both iOS and Android and today, it helps around 958,000 families stay connected.
Based on the GPS tracking technology used in Fameelee, we developed a white-label tracking solution that can be used in various industries,
like delivery, logistic, and more.

  • Location tracking
  • Emergency alerts
  • Chatting
  • Speed control

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