When software development companies (as well as many other businesses) publish a blog post about a summary of their accomplishments by the end of the year, you expect to read something like “it was a tough year full of challenges and blah-blah-blah”. I would be happy to start this blog post differently, but the JatApp team has faced more challenges than probably any business throughout its entire history. 

The matter is that JatApp is a Ukrainian software development company, and Ukraine is fighting against an unprovoked military invasion by russia.  

Two weeks ago, I was in a bakery next to my house when a russian massive missile strike shelled Ukrainian energy and other critical infrastructure. A woman at the cash register was reading the news reports from Telegram channels and said with a little note of shock in her voice: “Almost the entire country is without electricity now”. Then she went to turn on an electric generator they had in case a blackout happens. The woman’s colleague smiled and loaded the next portion of croissants into the oven. 

These women from the bakery adapted to blackouts and just kept doing what they are good at. Being a Ukrainian company, JatApp is no exception — we keep working productively, even though electricity and the Internet connection are obviously essential for our performance. We’ve already written about how we’re coping with challenges caused by the war, but today we are proud to share with you some results our team has managed to achieve in 2022. 

Top 100 software development agencies and design firms in Ukraine   

Top Design Firms is a website that helps businesses to find software development and design vendors with the experience in the relevant industry.  The portal listed JatApp in the top 100 software development agencies and design firms from Ukraine in 2022. 

They have all reasons to do so as we delivered many successful projects this year, amongst which was a payment gateway for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product company. The JatApp team has leveraged its expertise in fintech and PHP Laravel development to build a standalone PCI DSS compliant payment gateway that lowers expenses on payment processing fees and has a bulletproof anti-fraud system.


Payment gateway system

Best software development company in education

Online Degree is an organization that supports a tuition-free education amongst adults who want to pursue higher education and keep learning throughout their entire life. The organization collaborates with universities, colleges, not-for-profit organizations, and researchers. 

Online Degree primarily pays attention to online education as the most convenient format for adults, which is why promoting edtech with universities and businesses is a part of its vision. That is why the organization created the list of best edtech developers that universities and startups can rely on. 

There is no surprise that JatApp was included in the list of top edtech developers. This year, we developed a plant identification app powered with artificial intelligence (AI) for our customer. The client is an entrepreneur from Europe who was looking for a software development company that can create a simple yet feature-rich plant recognition application. 

In their review on Clutch, the client explained why they choose JatApp as their IT vendor: 

“We have talked to many IT companies before choosing JatApp. Smooth communication with the development team was the very necessary thing for us, because we had an idea of what we needed and a lot of research. JatApp structured everything from the very beginning and offered some interesting functionality. It was done on the so-called pre-sale stage and it impressed us a lot”.

After four months of product iterations and development, JatApp delivered the app’s minimum viable product (MVP) that included a variety of features helpful to plant lovers and botanists but still has a to-one’s-liking user interface (UI). The client was happy with the result and left a positive feedback: 

“In the first months after the launch of the MVP, we see a large increase in users”.


Plant recognition app


Also, we continued our cooperation with Brandon Learning Centre, for which we developed PreQuest, an application for preparing Chinese children for entrance to the top schools in the United Kingdom. The product achieved stunning results: the client reports that 100% of Chinese schoolchildren receive at least one interview invitation from the top UK schools, 97% of parents would recommend the application to a friend, and 90% of students use PreQuest for more than six months. For now, the JatApp intends to keep the plank that high and works on identification of areas for the product’s improvement. 


Edtech software development

Top 50 Ukraine-based mobile app development companies

Software World shortlisted JatApp in top 50 Ukrainian mobile app development companies. The website creates top lists according to the following criteria: 

  • Customer reviews in social media
  • Detailed customer feedback 
  • Apps review analysis 
  • Online presence of products
  • Overall impression from apps’ features, security, and integrations 

The iOS native mobile app 2BeAdventurous is an on-point example of our work that totally satisfies the criteria mentioned above. The client is a travel enthusiast from the United Kingdom, who wanted to create an application that enables travelers to plan, record, and share their adventures with other people. 

The JatApp team developed the app’s MVP in four months, thereby setting the stage for scaling the product to a premium version. The client confirmed that “The app received positive feedback from the end users, thanks to JatApp’s help”. Our cooperation with the customer is ongoing, so we can’t wait to start creating new features that will enrich the app’s user experience.


2BeAdventerous iOS native app

We know how to develop creative digital solutions. And we will.

Unlike the introduction of this blog post, I didn’t have any problems with finding what to say in the end instead of clichéd “the next year will be better than this one, we are looking forward to new challenges”. The subheading to the bottom line of this article is a reference to the words of Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, that he said at The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert:We know how to win. And we will”. 

JatApp team will keep doing what we have been good at since 2015 — developing robust and ingenious software products. We also intend to expand our team and tap emerging niches in business digital transformation next year. But what’s more important, JatApp will continue improving the ways we cooperate with our clients. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we will keep standing up to this cause in 2023 as well.  

The awards and products mentioned in this article are just a tiny part of what we’ve managed to accomplish this year. But I can proudly say that 99% of our customers were satisfied with solutions we developed for them. 

It will take one click to start cooperation with us. We will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your project.