Laravel is the PHP web application framework that has lately gained immense popularity, and not without a reason. It offers lots of goodies, like model-view-controller design and object-oriented libraries, allowing developers to build modern and robust web solutions.

JatApp prides itself on having a well-seasoned team of Laravel developers that have been skyrocketing hundreds of projects for more than seven years now. Due to their talent and dedication, our company ended up getting featured in a list of top 100 Laravel development companies in Ukraine according to The Manifest. In case you don’t know, The Manifest is a well-known listings website that ranks companies in different industries, like development, design, digital marketing, advertising, and others. 

Today, JatApp’s Laravel coders are working hard to deliver robust digital solutions, ranging from a powerbank rental platform for a Cannes-based startup to facility management software for the industry leader from Switzerland. It’s worth noting that our company partners mainly with small and mid-size businesses that operate in such sectors as real estate, energy, education, fintech, human resource management, to name a few. 

Not so long ago, our team successfully launched a property management platform, Cunio, that connects tenants, landlords, and administrators. When the client turned to us, they already had their product built and needed our Laravel expertise to develop a notification feature, which would enable users to stay updated on what’s going on in the building. To create this functionality, we opted for microservices. The Laravel microservice architecture allowed our programmers to update the code faster, cheaper, and hassle-free. 

Here is what Cunio’s CEO, Erik Boska, says about us on Clutch:

After launching the microservice we were way more flexible in enhancing our SaaS solution with new features. The “handshake” between microservice and already existing software was very efficient.

Speaking of Clutch, the leading ratings platform recognized us as one of the top Ukrainian software companies in 2022. To find out why, you can visit our page on the Clutch website and find 4.9 stars proudly twinkling under our company’s name. 

Want to get to know us better? Feel free to hop on our portfolio for more information about our cases.