Dedicated Development Team

Fuel your development process with the new expertise and skills of our dedicated software development team. They will work exclusively for you either as a stand-alone team or as an extension of your in-house development team.

  • Reduce and Control Costs

    With access to the largest talent pool of IT specialists in Eastern Europe, we can quickly assemble a dedicated development team to join your project and cut costs by up to 60% when compared to Western markets. Our transparent pricing model ensures your complete control over the team's finances.
  • Commitment

    The software engineers are selected exclusively for your needs, so you hire a dedicated development team with a deep understanding of your business goals. Recruitment focuses on your requirements, ensuring that all engineers have the necessary expertise and skills to handle any task.
  • Control

    You can choose the best engineers and integrate them into your operational processes using direct communications. Our team can be managed just like your in-house one with you retaining complete oversight of your project and development.
  • Scalability

    Our Dedicated Team model will help you to overcome challenges with local engineering resources; scarcity, high cost, lack of expertise, or inability to be scaled quickly. Utilizing a thorough recruitment process, we always strive to get you the talent you need.
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Why Work With Us

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    Pass your requirements to us, and after our rigorous screening process, we will present you with the best candidates who will be a great fit for your dedicated software development team.

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    Our dedicated development team services include the smooth onboarding of your new team members, setting up all necessary operational processes, and ensuring their productive and stress-free collaboration.

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    Infrastructure and Facilities

    We provide all necessary hardware and software infrastructure and ensure all security measures for the smooth and effective operation of your dedicated development team.

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    You can concentrate on the development process and growth of your business while we handle all legal and accounting requirements as well as payroll services.

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    Ongoing Team Support

    Our team focuses on high retention, great motivation and continuous professional development of your team members. A Positive team spirit and personal growth guarantee a stable and flourishing team.

Scale your projects with our dedicated development team

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