With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT outsourcing has become a popular way to keep business growing at the time of crisis. Business Wire forecast suggests that the global IT outsourcing market is expected to reach $397.6 billion by 2025 with a growth rate of 4.5% within the period 2020-2025. 

An explosion of the IT outsourcing industry is explained with its ability to solve challenges businesses face in the post-pandemic world, such as cost reduction, flexibility, faster access to market, and availability of digital tools

To keep growing, businesses outsource their projects to dedicated software development teams. It is an outsourcing engagement model that involves hiring a team of experienced software engineers overseas who work just like in-house employees and deliver the same product quality. 

JatApp has been providing dedicated development team services for more than 6 years, so we know about the value this engagement model can create for your business. In this article, we discuss how outsourcing a dedicated software development team can make your business grow in the post-covid era.    

The role of dedicated software development teams in the post-pandemic world

The corona crisis caused a serious reliance on technology because companies need to communicate and collaborate safely in times of remote-first work. McKinsey & Company conducted a survey which reports that with the pandemic, an average share of customer interactions is digital in 58% of cases. 

As companies redirect their business strategies towards adoption of digital solutions, they need to have extra workers to do this fast enough for making business scale up. However, hiring an in-house tech team is expensive, while recruitment and onboarding take time. 


Digitalization of interactions


Instead, outsourcing a project to an IT service provider helps to address this problem. According to the Global Managed Services Report by NTT, 45% of companies plan to outsource more project work within the shortcoming future, even though they’ve already outsourced some to foreign IT agencies.

This approach is so popular because a software development company can recruit tech workers exclusively for your particular needs. You just need to confirm that the candidates have skills relevant to your project by interviewing them, so the team can start working at your earliest convenience. 

Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey suggests that in the post-pandemic world, IT outsourcing has to make businesses more agile by saving time and money, as well as helping to respond to rapidly changing environments. For those reasons, hiring a dedicated team for your project is the most appropriate outsourcing engagement model to opt for today. 

To see the significance of dedicated software development teams in the post-covid era, let’s discuss a case when JatApp helped an Isreali startup to address the abovementioned challenges and grow their product from a rough version to the market’s leader. 

How Much Does Hiring Dedicated Development Team Cost?

Cost reduction has become particularly important because of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19. Businesspeople are concerned with how they can save money without losing the quality of the product. Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey notes that 70% of companies opt for IT outsourcing to save money on adoption of top-quality technology.    


Dedicated development team cost savings


For example, by outsourcing the project to JatApp’s dedicated development team, the startup from Israel saved 60% of costs compared to the Western markets. At the same time, our client got a ready-to-go product of high quality that met their business needs.    

Faster scaling

McKinsey & Company report that the coronavirus pandemic has increased the speed of technology adoption in business by 3 years on average. To survive competition, companies put extra effort into developing and expanding tech solutions, but this can’t be possible without additional workforce. But as we’ve already mentioned, hiring new IT specialists in-house as well as their onboarding and training is a time-consuming process.  

The startup from Israel we’ve partnered with needed to scale up their project by adding experienced frontend developers, who can fix their unfinished product and prepare it for the market release. JatApp recruited a dedicated team of three frontend developers, who have skills relevant to the client’s project requirements.

As a result, the startup launched their flagship product and got their first customers in a couple of months. Moreover, the client asked to let them hire the dedicated software development team members as their in-house employees to ensure a further growth of the business.

For this matter, JatApp offers to hire talents as your in-house team after a year of cooperation with us. When you have professionals, who have already worked with you and know your business needs well, you won’t have to spend time and money on the tech team recruitment again.

Speed to market

Once the pandemic increased business reliance on technology, developing a software solution earlier than others gives you a competitive advantage. That’s why delivering the product to market as fast as possible is another challenge businesses need to address in the post-covid era.  

The startup from Israel was developing a product that uses artificial intelligence for buying and selling Amazon Web Services (AWS) reserved instances at best prices. Since JatApp provided the experienced software developers for the project, the product rapidly reached a required level of quality and became the first solution on the market. 


AWS reserved instances solution development

Access to top technology

Your in-house team may lack certain technology and profound knowledge on how to use them effectively for your project specifics. However, spending time and money on purchasing the necessary solutions and stuff training is unreasonable today.

The post-pandemic world changes business quickly and disruptively, so you may not need these additional digital resources any longer when your project ends. That is why companies search for an opportunity to pay only for the time when they use the necessary technology. 

Coming back to our case, the Israeli startup lacked expertise and tech resources for frontend development of the product. Outsourcing the project to the dedicated team of developers hired by JatApp addressed this challenge. The dedicated team of developers used the latest version of AngularJS for the frontend development. Consequently, the customer finished the project without spending extra money on training the in-house employees.   


Angular JS outsource development

Let JatApp contribute to the growth of your company

Our case study about the startup from Israel proves that outsourcing a project to a dedicated software development team can help your business pursue growth in the post-pandemic world when you’re trusting the matter to the professional, who understands the nuances of your project and may seamlessly provide the required expertise for your project.

When partnering with a vetted agency, you can easily reduce the time to market without compromising quality, as well as save your time and project budget. 

If you need IT outsourcing for developing your project, JatApp can offer you a remote dedicated development team service. Our company will provide you with the list of candidates who have the skills most suitable for development of your product. You remain the final decision-maker on which IT professionals will join your team.

Furthermore, you will have full control over the project and development process, so the dedicated team you hire from us will work just like an in-house one.

Contact us and we will get in touch with you soon.