Thinking differently is a principle that is at the heart of Apple.Inc philosophy. The company has created the entire ecosystem with its own hardware and software, and the world has basically divided into two groups: one that loves and uses their Apple devices, and another one that doesn’t. One Apple a day keeps Android away! 


Global iPhone users number


So, it would be very strange if the technology stack for iOS app development is the same as for Android and cross-platform development. But with that aside, if iOS app development is different, does it mean that people who work on such applications are different as well? 

The JatApp team will give you the answer and explain how to hire an iOS developer, if you’re thinking about building a product for the iOS platform. 

Who are you, an iOS developer?

Well, iOS developers are some unique breed of tech professionals. But what’s so special about them? According to Captain Obvious, an iOS developer is a mobile developer, who specializes in technologies and frameworks used for iOS app development


iOS developer


However, things are not so obvious when it comes to the difference between iOS vs Android developers vs cross platform developers. Android developers use entirely different tech stack to develop applications for Android devices. 

As for cross platform developers, they work with technologies that enable them to build apps for iOS and Android at the same time. But note: if a person can work with both iOS and Android apps, they are not cross platform developers. 


Mobile development tech stack

Technologies, frameworks, and programming languages that make mobile developers differ


Since skills set and technology stack are the main differentiators, let’s see what exactly a good iOS developer is expected to do.

What a good iOS developer must do well

Apple hardware and software create an independent ecosystem, which is why use of unique technologies for app development is a natural thing as well. Hence, must-have iOS developer skills are the following: 


iOS development tech stack

How to hire these smart guys

The easiest way to hire an iOS programmer is to find a freelancer at Upwork or Toptal, but it can’t be a really good idea if your project is long-term. Moreover, a freelance iOS developer won’t be that committed to your project, so you cannot be sure that you’ll get an app of a high quality developed within the deadline. 

Of course, you’re always able to hire an in-house iOS developer instead, but you’ll have to fire canons of money at recruiting, onboarding, and salary. Mainstream Technologies reports that the true cost of hiring a single in-house IT staff member is about $100,000 per year plus taxes and other overhead expenses. 


iOS developer outsourcing costs


Under these circumstances, extending your team with an iOS developer hired from an outsourcing software development company will be the best decision. Outsourced iOS developers usually have a high level of professionalism and commitment, while you can manage them just like your in-house team that works full-time. 

We can provide an on-point example here. JatApp worked on 2BeAdventerous, the iOS app for travelers. The customer came with an idea of the app, but they didn’t have expertise necessary for native iOS app development

As a result, our iOS developers used Swift programming language to build a native iOS application. Our dedicated team created a set of features targeted at travel enthusiasts, and packed the app’s functionality into a pleasant and convenient user interface. Also, JatApp’s iOS developers integrated the app with Apple Maps, so users can track their travel routes on the interactive map.


Apple Maps integration

Apple Map integration in 2BeAdventurous app


The client was having direct access to the team throughout the entire project. We were interacting via video calls each week and when any urgent issue emerged. Eventually, the minimum viable product got positive feedback, so the client left a review on Clutch: “They care about providing quality results using well-defined processes, combined with good team organization.

On top of what’s been said, outsourcing your iOS development will save you money without compromising on quality. To better understand how much money specifically, just take a look at the table below to compare the iOS developers hourly rates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and India. 


iOS developer salary rates


Also, an IT agency will find you the most relevant iOS developer for hire, so you’ll only need to interview them and decide whether this person will join your team or not. By the way, we know several questions that will help you select the right candidate.

Avoid hiring a loser with these interview questions

If the answers to the following questions impress you, it probably means that you’ve hunted a professional who will nail iOS app development. So, the questions are:


iOS developer questions for job interview

JatApp has people you’re looking for

All in all, an iOS developer is a tech professional who has skills necessary for building an app for iPhones and iPads (Captain Obvious, take #2). If you’re looking for an iOS developer, you can think about hiring a freelancer or in-house worker, but augmenting your team with an outsourced talent will be the best option.

JatApp has been providing team augmentation/dedicated development team services since 2015, so we can become your IT vendor and provide you with top iOS developers in Eastern Europe. Our professionals developed over 100 mobile apps, and 99% of our customers were satisfied with the quality of work we delivered. In case you have just a rough idea of your iOS app, we’ll also help you with designing and making your product more competitive and attractive to the target audience. 

If you want to develop an iOS app that will blow the socks off your users, just leave us a note. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.