Being a professional shopaholic is a tough challenge. You need to stay in touch with some best offers as well as upcoming sales and other great offers. At the same time, there is a range of great applications that let us stay closer to the way we want our wardrobes to look like. With so many new fashion trends and designer clothes, we need to have a handy tool that will make it easy to overcome all barriers and obstacles on the way to glam and style. Every time you find it hard to access a world of fashion and beauty, have a look at our list of some top startups and mobile applications for fashion. You can adopt some of their features and options to build an app of your own.

Curated fashions by cream

CREAM is an award-wining mobile service for people who want to access the world of fashion with only one button. It delivers a curated fashion experience from the most up-to-date designers and the biggest names in the fashion industry. It retrieves information from the most popular blogs and websites and brings it to one place. The app is perfect for online shoppers who can buy clothes directly from the app as well as trendy fashionista who look for new styles.

One great thing about the application is the fact that it combines great fashion experience delivering stylish overlooks and reviews as well as the chance to purchase any piece of clothes you like with only one tap. The application is currently free and available for both iOS and Android users.

Grabble – a fashionable Tinder

Wardrobe planning is a vital skill for everyone who wants to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends. Grabble can be a perfect tool in your smartphone. It acts on the same basis as Tinder learning your preferences in clothing. Every time you come across a t-shirt or dress you want to have, it will be stored in a special folder. Once the item is available for sale, the application will inform you about the location and price.

It is a good choice for those who want to save money and time when travelling across the borough and spending hours in the dressing room. According to the latest reports, Grabble is also a good way to entertain whenever you are bored. People tend to buy everything they have in their folder during sales and special offers. The app has proved to be the best bet for a short period. No one likes it to have many items awaiting for purchase.

The application is also free and available in Google Play and App Store. It has established partnership with some popular brands and retailers to come up with more offers for its users.

Dapper – a fashion app for men

Most men go mad every time they hear the word “shopping”. They do not like spending time in dressing rooms and boutiques. They’d rather have a couple of beers in the nearest pub while looking through the Dapper app. The application actually lets them d shopping like real men.

Dapper has an easy and simple navigation system letting users choose a particular piece of clothes by style, type of even or price. You can enable any filter you need to enable Tinder-like way pf shopping. The system will do all the calculations itself. All you need is to indicate the occasion you are about to visit, Dapper will come up with some best available offers. The app uses efficient check-out systems in addition to Apple Pay every time you want to complete the purchase using your iPhone.

Although the Dapper application is yet available for iOS users only, we are expecting it in Google Play in the nearest future. The product is already in Android waitlist.

Wheretoget – shazam-like fashion experience

How many times have you anxiously looked at your friend’s outfit? How many times have you looked through numerous website to find the same clothes as your favorite celeb wars? How many times have you desired the same shoes or purse as a walking buy girl has? Wheretoget will solve this problem once and for all.

A French-based startup delivers Shazam-like fashion experience to cope with anxiety. It provides answers to vital questions. Where to buy? How much does it cost? The application is the right place to look for the answer.

Wheretoget differs from other mobile apps related to fashion. While the majority of products delivers a curated fashion experience, this product is mainly based on its users’ activity. You are free to post the photos of your outfit as well as pictures of some clothes you want to buy. In less than 24 hours, you will benefit from a detailed crowd-source answer containing the location of a potential shop in addition to price and other criteria you may find useful.

The timeframe is 24 hours for one question. It may seem to be less than enough in order to get maximum information on a desired outfit. On the other hand, the first answer will appear within 30 minutes. The product is mainly represented via website. At the same time, it has its mobile version available in Google Play and App Store.

Hangr – impressed by fashion

This application was built with an idea of providing instant fashion ideas in site of the occasion or season.

The startup from Canada delivers some of the best outfits letting users keep in touch with the latest prices. It is actually the same as you try an outfit in a shop or watch at the mannequin. Users are free to scan all available offers and price tags using Hangr.

The application has proved to be a good option for both mobile users and shoppers as well as for retailers and brands. For shops, Hangr is a great chance to enable sales growth using visualization of their available outfits. At the same time, the application will reveal a potential success of the combination with customers.

Styliff – suit up with only one touch

Styliff is a perfect example of advanced modern mobile application. It managed to bring together E-commerce and AR. The idea of the startup was to let users build their 3D models in virtual outfits and desired pieces of clothes. If you like what you see, you can purchase every item with only one click directly from the app.

The application is about to hit the headlines. We expect the release of the final version at the end of this year. Styliff can certainly change the way we shop as well as the clothing market itself. On the other hand, it is definitely the right mobile application for people who want to look great.

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