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IT Staff Augmentation Services to Overcome the Talent Crunch

Fuel your software development project with top engineering talent to speed up time to market and save costs. Whether you are a new startup or a mature enterprise, we can help you build an expert project team of any size.

Set up a high-
performing team

Speed up your
time to market

Ramp your team up and down

Have full control over your project

Reduce your
development costs

Get experts in the needed technology

From Python to Swift and Kotlin, we have specialists in the most in-demand technologies to build software or modernize your technology stack.





Looking for experts in other technologies?

If the needed technology is not on the list, let us know and we will look 
for specialists with the required skills.

Find specialists to close your skill gap

Hire experienced IT specialists from our team, or let us find the best developers for your project. Our recruiting managers have access to a large pool of tech talents to help you scale your company with the required experts.

Get an expert team to implement your project

Are you struggling to build a cross-functional team? With our IT staff augmentation services, you'll get the right experts for the job, delivered on time and within your budget.

Project managers
Business analysts
Front-end/Back-end developers
DevOps engineers
QA specialists
UI/UX designers

Add remote software developers to your in-house team

Expand your team with top PHP, Swift, Kotlin, or React developers on demand. We work with you to ensure that your remote developers work in sync with your in-house team.

Cloud migration
Performance optimization
Transition to SaaS
High-load system development
Software reengineering
Application modernization

Our staff augmentation models

We offer two pricing options. The salary-based model works well for businesses that need a dedicated team of engineers working on long-term projects. The time and material model is a better fit if you need flexibility and want to scale your team up or down as needed.

Salary-based model

Works best for long-term projects

  • Pay a salary plus company fee

Time & materials model

Works best for short-term engagements

  • Pay per hour

How team augmentation works

Describe your requirements for software developers and leave the rest to our IT staff augmentation agency ‒ we will make sure you get qualified specialists within the shortest time possible.

Interview & hire

Interview and hire specialists that match your requirements. We perform thorough candidate selection and provide you with a list of the most fitting professionals.


Ensure our experts are smoothly integrated into your project. We'll help you set up operational processes and establish productive collaboration with your external team.

Focus on your product

We’ll help you to focus on developing your product while we provide ongoing support to ensure that your team is functioning effectively and meeting business needs.

Ramp up or down on request

Whether you need to temporarily increase your team size, or you want to scale down during slower periods, our IT staffing services make it easy to adjust your team size as needed.

What our clients say about us

Read why clients choose JatApp over other staff augmentation companies.

Deep expertise

“We required professional support to complement our internal team that has been working on one of our core applications to extend this into a mobile offering for customers. JatApp's impressed us with their level of experience, so we chose them as vendors.”

Head of Software Delivery, Payroll Solutions Company

Excellent talents

“We've sent the requirements to different companies. There was a pretty active communication stage during which we defined that JatApp was a very reliable company that had excellent talents and we promptly decided to work with them.”

Stanislav Bacherikov
Manager, Software Company

Quality communication

“I am not a technical person, so quality communication was key. They always responded well and thoroughly to our questions, explaining every step of the project. Their team was extremely qualified.”

Ella Bochur
COO, Startup

Why JatApp

We work with specialists who constantly improve their skills. JatApp is committed to the professional development of our employees. We provide a variety of opportunities for learning, including training, courses, and one-on-one mentoring.

Cultural fit

Professional growth

Mentoring & knowledge sharing

Performance reviews

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