Building a successful web product starts when you manage to hire professional web developers who can handle all tasks and meet the project requirements. However, the process of finding a good web developer is not that easy. The domain of web development is broad enough to make you confused: What professional do you need to look for? How do you make sure this person is reliable?

Also, it is hard to determine whether you need to hire web developer full-time, or a freelancer will be enough. Perhaps, you may need to consider hiring an entire company to ensure the success of your future project? And let’s not forget that you don’t want to go beyond the budget. So, it is important to know where and how to hire web developer who can deliver quality work at a reasonable price.

Getting all these questions answered at once is a real challenge. In this article, JatApp will provide you with a guide to help you find out what kind of web developer you need, where to find them, and how much it might cost.

What kind of web developer to look for

First of all, you need to choose a specific kind of web developer for your project. A choice of a web developer for hire primarily depends on the type of project you are working on. Each type of project requires a web developer to have a specific set of skills and competencies, so your choice should be based on your particular needs.The developer’s ability to work with specific tools or programming languages necessary for your project is another important factor to consider when hiring a web developer.

That’s why you need to know what types of projects web developers can work on and what skills they are expected to have, so you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Types of project web developers work on

Web developers can help you with completing such types of projects as:

Static website

For this type of project, you need a front-end web developer. Front-end developers work on a website design and its implementation by creating a physical layout and user interface. The main purpose of their job is to create an attractive, convenient, and user-friendly look of the site. You need to look for a front-end web developer with sufficient competencies in using such website development instruments as Wix, Webflow, and Squarespace. Likewise, your candidate must be able to work with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

E-commerce website

For this type of project, you need both a front-end and a back-end web developer, since the harmony of design and code behind it should make your e-commerce platform become an advanced, and, therefore, profitable solution. A front-end web developer needs to specialize in Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or other e-commerce platforms. Again, the knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript is a must.

The back-end web-developer has to work on the code of the website. In fact, their job is to provide a full functionality, speed, and appropriate architecture of your e-commerce platform. Therefore, they are expected to have competences in working with Java/Python/PHP, management of application program interfaces (APIs), servers, and databases.

You may hire a full-stack web developer, who can work with both front and back-ends. However, we don’t recommend this for such a complicated project as an e-commerce platform. It requires a profound work with both “ends”, which is why it won’t be enough to hire just one specialist, even a very good one.

Web portal

In case you are going to create a large corporate website, forum, social media, news site, and so on, you might need to find a full-stack web developer. Your candidate has to be familiar with back-end technologies (Java/Python/PHP) as well as the front-end (HTML/JavaScript/CSS) languages at the same time. Moreover, a full-stack web developer should be able to show how to make front and back-ends meet, so that your portal works well.

Custom web application

If you intend to build your own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, a marketplace, or an online software tool, you need to seek both front and back-end developers.

Again, your front-end web developer should be excellent at working with HTML and CSS in the first place. Additionally, familiarity with version control systems like GitHub is necessary. Eventually, a front-end developer needs to test and debug your product, be able to connect API management to the back-end, and have a good command of Content Management Systems (CMS).

As for the back-end web developer, a custom web application project implies that your candidate knows how to work with web services, understands such languages as Python/JavaScript/HTML, and has hands-on experience on working with servers, databases and APIs.

JatApp has 6 years of experience in working on custom web application development, so when you need some help with this type of project, we are ready to assist you.

Best ways to hire web developer

Next, you need to decide how you are going to hire web developer. There are three main ways you can do this: freelance, in-house, and company outsourcing.


Freelancers are a good choice for short-term projects with clear goals and predefined budget. Working with static website development or a product that does not require constant upkeep is a job you can give a freelancer without worry. All you need is just to discuss the deadline, price, and the deliverables expected. If you are satisfied with the freelancer’s job, you can hire them again in the future.

However, you can hardly expect a freelancer to express a strong devotion to your project. There is no guarantee that any complex and long-term tasks will be taken seriously by a freelance web developer. Also, you’ll never know when your freelance hire replies to your messages and requests. Such time delays can seriously impair the progress of the project implementation.


When it’s necessary to take regular care of the product, you need to hire an in-house web development team. Unlike freelancers, an in-house web development team will demonstrate a full commitment to your project, and you’ll be able to communicate with them directly without waiting for their response. It means that you can put trust in these web developers and save precious time for the project implementation.

However, you need to remember that having your own in-house team is quite expensive. When you don’t have any projects under development, you still have to provide your web developers with salaries because you hired them full-time. In addition, it is necessary to include various overhead costs such as training, paid vacations, taxes, and purchase of development tools. Hence, acquiring your own web development team is not always a financially responsible decision.

Company outsourcing

Outsourcing a company to work on your web product is the most convenient approach when you don’t want to have an in-house team and want the project delivered at a reasonable price. Such companies are more reliable than freelancers to perform complex tasks, and furthermore, the reliability of research and development (R&D) centers is easier to check with reviews and feedback left by their previous customers. Also, such companies usually have their independent quality assurance teams that will guarantee a good quality of your web product.

When you hire an outsourcing IT company, you can be confident that its web developers will be committed to your project. For instance, JatApp assembles a web development team exclusively for you. It means that your project will be supported with loyal and motivated web developers who are ready to assist you with making the product to meet its business goals. We also have access to the largest talent pool in the entire Easter Europe, whilst a customer’s associated expenses are up to 60% lower than at the Western markets. Our company suggests a transparent pricing model, so you can effectively optimize your web development budget.

Where to search for web developers

As soon as you have determined the way you’ll hire web developer, it’s time to start looking for one. There are several ways we recommend to take into consideration.

Job websites and portals

This is a good place to start when you’re looking to hire a web developer on your own. Below is the list of the websites worth your attention:

  • Upwork. It is the most popular portal to hire web developer for a freelance job. There is a nice user interface and useful instruments such as time-tracking as well as automated payments after each milestone of the project. Convenience and efficiency make this site number one for the search of freelance web developers.


Upwork website


  • Toptal. This portal for freelance hire lists only three percent of all applications, selecting only top talents in the field. You can be sure that you’ll hire web developer skillful enough to work on your project. The website does not disclose any information about the pay rates, but they are generally higher than on similar sites.



Toptal website


  • A well-known platform that gathers feedback about companies registered on the site. Within the website, customers of the registered companies publish valuable insights and honest reviews related to the quality of the services provided. The website shows you the whole picture, displaying both negative and positive client testimonials. Thus, you can always make an informed decision about what company to hire for outsourcing your project.


Clutch main page


Countries with top talent and expertise

When you choose to outsource your project, you need to know where you can find agencies with the most talented and experienced web developers. There are several countries where companies outsource their talent at an adequate price. They offer services of the quality equal to companies from such IT giants as the United Kingdom and the United States, but at much lower cost.

According to Angel List and GlassDoor, average per hour salary rates in Ukraine, Poland, India, and Latin America are significantly lower in comparison with the Western market. At the same time, companies in these countries can provide your web product with a highly professional level of assistance. So, it would be great to know about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an outsourcing company from each of these countries.


Web development Ukraine

Comparison of average hourly rates by country



Ukraine is the primary country where you need to search for an experienced web developer for hire. It is the first state in the entire Europe that makes the most contribution to science and technology beyond its own borders.

There are more than 1,000 IT companies, meanwhile, the total number of local startups goes beyond 2,000. Besides, more than 100 global players have their research & development offices in Ukraine, including such top rated companies as Oracle, Upwork, ABBYY, and Ubisoft.

What is more important, Ukrainian companies outsource their IT services with remarkable success. The IT market in Ukraine earns more than $5 billion each year, so there is no doubt that Ukrainian IT companies can satisfy your needs in web development.

A little inconvenience may be presented by a time zone difference, which means that the workday for your vendor will start a bit later. However, experienced Ukrainian companies can easily adapt to your schedule hassle-free, which is why you have to look for a company with experience of working with Western companies. For example, in JatApp, which is also located in Ukraine, we focus on quality and reliability as our core values. We also have more than 6 years of work with Western partners behind our bags, so you can be sure that with us your project will have nothing, but success.


Web development outsourcing in Ukraine

A summary of pros and cons of hiring an outsourcing company from Ukraine



With $2,4 billion of IT-outsourcing market revenue, Poland is a large IT hub in Europe. There you can easily find an experienced web developer at a market-average price quite fast. The employment for outsourcing in Poland has grown by 88.4% in 2021. A small culture gap and the high English language proficiency of Polish web developers are good bonuses that make your interaction more effective.

However, you need to remember that outsourcing your project to Poland will be two times more expensive than hiring a company from other Eastern European countries, like Ukraine, whilst the end-product and the team performance will be the same.


web developer

A summary of pros and cons of hiring an outsourcing company from Poland



Indian companies demonstrate a strong commitment to any type of project, professional quality assurance, and the use of state-of-the-art technology. IT outsourcing in India has already reached $6.1 billion in 2021, so there are enough professionals for hire.

At the same time, communication can become a real problem. A drastic difference with the Western culture, as well as below-average level of English proficiency are the main red flags you need to see before outsourcing your project to an Indian company.


hire web developer

A summary of pros and cons of hiring an outsourcing company from India


Latin America (Brazil, Argentina) and Mexico

Companies in Latin America and Mexico do not face competition with each other, so they don’t present a high cost to hire a web developer. Furthermore, they are also more honest in telling about their capabilities and challenges. It means that you are highly unlikely to question the integrity and professionalism of companies from these countries.

Also, close time zones and locations with the United States are evident advantages in terms of keeping communication smooth at any stage of your project. Cultural affinity with the Western culture and widespread bilingualism of web developers from Latin America makes cooperation more effective, so you won’t have to worry that misunderstandings can make your project stuck at some point. Nearly 92% of companies from Latin America outsource their talents to foreign countries, so you’ll surely find your favorite pick there.

Unlike Ukraine, Mexico and countries of Latin America don’t have welcoming legal environments for outsourcing. These countries have legal regulations of doing business that differ considerably from the Western laws. You will have to do additional paperwork to make your business come clean to a company in Brazil, Mexico, or Argentina. Besides, outsourcing your project to companies from Latin America is not necessarily that cheap, so it makes sense to look for an agency in Eastern Europe.


outsource web development

A summary of pros and cons of hiring an outsourcing company from Latin America

Important tips to remember

Except for the steps mentioned above, there are several universal tips that are always useful to follow when you intend to hire an outsourcing company to work on your web product:

  • Test your candidate agency with a small task. Letting your agency demonstrate their competences is the best way to check whether your outsourced team members share qualities of a good web developer.
  • Discuss risk management issues first. Each outsourcing company says that they are ready to mitigate any risks. Nevertheless, estimate what potential problems can arise and ask whether a chosen agency is ready to manage them in a timely and efficient manner. This will help you decide whether you can rely on this company in case something will go wrong with your project.
  • Take your time with a hire, but don’t hesitate to dismiss. Don’t rush yourself into making a decision as soon as possible. Observe all potential companies for hire, and let yourself have second thoughts if necessary. However, if you see that your outsourced web developers obviously don’t meet your expectations, fire them before their poor performance seriously harms your project. This may sound too harsh, but you don’t want to suffer a loss because of such misfortune.
  • Ask your candidate agency to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You may surely have your own reasons to preserve information about your product or technology from a disclosure. That is why an outsourcing company that respects your business interests and values accountability will agree to keep this information confidential without hesitation.

When you’ve made your choice

As soon as you’ve selected an outsourcing company for hire and they are ready to start, keep in mind the following steps to make sure your partnership goes on in the nicest way possible:

  1. Arrange a briefing video call. Before you start, invite representatives of your outsourced web development team to have a video call. You’ll need to describe the terms of your partnership as well as the scope of the project once again. In this way, you will establish a personal contact and ensure that the outsourced team clearly knows what they have to do for the project.
  2. Determine communication channels. Discuss with your outsourced web development team how you’re going to interact. There is a wide choice of instruments to make communication convenient. Just pick one that best suits every single stakeholder of the project.
  3. Develop and agree on milestones. It is essential to discuss and agree on all project milestones, at the achievement of which you will arrange follow-up meetings. That is why you need to be certain that the outsourcing company is ready to meet these deadlines.
  4. Set the payment schedule. You simply need to state when you’re going to pay for the job done by the web developer. It will help to avoid any arguments about payments being made on time.
  5. Make a deposit payment. This will additionally motivate your agency, and they will be certain that cooperation with you will go nicely.
  6. Check the progress. Since you’ve set the milestones for your project, it is reasonable to arrange follow-up meetings after each milestone. In such a way, you’ll see how well your project is going under control of the hired agency, and how they report about both achievements and challenges.

JatApp can become your outsourcing partner

We are proud to say that JatApp meets all the requirements you may form on the basis of what you’ve read in this article. If you are looking for an experienced and professional team to outsource your custom web application project, choosing JatApp is a wise thing to do.

With 6 years of experience and 200+ successful projects, our team will help you to create a product that meets your expectations and the market’s standards. JatApp has already worked on successful web projects such as web-based service for the international wholesale wood products company, e-commerce platform for retailers, and many others.

We provide a full cycle of development that includes recruitment of the best talent, smooth onboarding, provision of the necessary infrastructure and facilities, ongoing team support, and product administration. Just contact us, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.