The initial idea of smartphones is to deliver all possible types for communication. Messaging has always been of major priority for users. The function plays a crucial role today as well. For this reason, we see the examples of some award-wining messaging applications for mobile platforms that have gained success and recognition of the audience. Moreover, their developers got a chance to bear fruits and billions of dollars revenue.

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, Skype and many other mobile services are certainly shaping the way we are communicating via portable devices today. On the other hand, the latest researches show that users are still seeking for some more efficient solutions and ultimate messaging services for their smartphones.

This fact leaves plenty of opportunities for new startups and developers eager to take the audience by storm with the new product. This article will appear to be a handy guide containing all essential features and steps to create an award-winning application like WhatsApp.

What features define a great messaging App?

If you want to hit the headline with your messaging application, you need to consider several fundamental features that are a must-have for any service. We will have a closer look at some ways to stand out from tons of other products available in the mark as well as method to attract more potential target users.

Data formats

The first thing you need to ensure is that your app can support several data formats. The times of SMS messages are gone. Smartphones bring a new communicational experience to users. It is about not only exchanging text messages but also photos, images, soundtracks and other content. The lack of data formats can make users opt for another service as an alternative.

The idea is to make your product as entertaining and funny as possible. You can think of some extra unique features like shooting videos or editing photos with a set of filters available together with the app. Emojis appear to be rather popular today facing smileys revival. You can develop your own collection to make the application more capturing and original.

Cloud service synchronization

You can follow the example of Evernote. The ability of synchronization with Google Drive and some other available cloud-based services. Your product will certainly gain a success and popularity with users if you provide them a chance to share messages directly from the cloud service. Therefore, you need to think of possible ways to implement such feature as well.


Chats are in the list of basic features for every messaging application. The idea is to provide users an opportunity to communicate both in groups and in private. If your app does not have a group chat, this is actually a bad application of no use for the target audience. At the same time, you should never forget about security as the major trend of your future feature. You can choose from:

  • Encrypted messages;
  • Messages with a self-destruction feature.



Modern messaging services are not just for messages. On the one hand, they let users share texts and other content. On the other hand, some biggest names also deliver a calling option. WhatsApp and Viber making it easy to keep in touch with any person in spite of his or her location free. All you need is a smartphone, the application installed and the Internet connection. If you want to stand out from the main competitors in the niche, you should also consider this fundamental feature and choose from:

  • Video chats;
  • Group calls;
  • VoIP calls.


You are free to implement all the above mentioned at the same time. However, the task may appear to be rather challenging and time consuming from the development perspectives. If you want to attract the attention of the audience, your application should be as entertaining as possible. It means the availability of avatars; 3D animation and other award-winning features to keep the users stay in your app. Some well-established brands like Snapchat look for potentially strong startups and purchase the in different parts of the world. We have the example of Ukrainian Looksery startup acquired by Snapchat recently to deliver a more entertaining video chat with plenty of different filters,


A messaging app is not just for communication. Extra functions and options define a brilliant product. You need to show that you really care about your users. For this reason, you are free to implement any extra functions that you think may come in handy and let you bear fruit in future. In some cases, it may be better to think of your own product rather than developing a WhatsApp clone.

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Key performance indicators for a messaging App

How to estimate the level of the app performance? How to make necessary changes in order to make it more efficient? How to detect possible errors and correct them for maximum efficiency? As well as any other application. Messaging services have their performance indicators also known as KPIs. We have conducted a list of the most important ones.

  • Active Users – every time you want to benefit from more users, you need to stimulate the existing once to recommend your app to their friends and relatives. The only way to encourage them is to provide some real value of your product. If you are able to show your app can really put an ease on their communication, you will bring it to success. You can follow the example of Slack that has turned into a leading messenger available in the market today. It comes with maximum simplicity and a set of necessary functions to enable an efficient corporate or private chat. You can additionally opt for other promotion strategies to raise the recognition of the product using Twitter and other social platforms;
  • Retention – this rate shows the level of users’ acquisition. You can implement an efficient push notification feature to remind you every time a new user joins the app. You can also send notification to existing users as a reminding to congratulate their relatives and friends on any occasion;
  • Users’ Engagement – try to make your app as entertaining as possible. Add new features and design elements to make the users’ experience real fun. Hire developers to create a collection of smileys or emoji. You ca develop them by yourself in case you have enough programing skills and knowledge. Some popular images and smileys today include branded emoji as well as smileys with celebrities.


How to monetize a  mobile messenger?

You can choose from several typical monetization strategies when it comes to messaging applications. They can be discussed and not obligatory to choose.

  • Ads and banners.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Subscriptions.

You can also use premium versions as a source of extra income. Building a brilliant messenger is a challenging task especially if want to make it perfect with a full set of great features. The price will depend on the complexity of the future project. Nevertheless, we provide a rough and detailed estimate of the product. You will see a clear picture of the work scope as well as all charges and rates. We will bring your idea to success and take your app to the top.