The digital world shapes our life in many ways. Billions of people use various gadgets and mobile devices to purchase goods, contact each other and share various types of information. We use smartphones and tablets to keep in touch with the latest events in various fields as well. No matter if you plan to go to a concert or festival, watch a new movie or take part in food contesting, you will probably look up the information on the web.

The mobile world offers numerous apps that range from business and entertaining products to booking and reservation services. Event planning applications have also become rather popular within the last years. Despite the fact that boundaries between real and digital life are vanishing, some people are still interested in what is going on outside their gadgets, PCs and laptops. The A-list of leading event planning services includes:

  • Yplan – highlighting all major events in London, Bristol and Dublin;
  • Songkick – concert planning app featuring information on your favorite bands and singers;
  • Fever – lets users opt for the best plan for a weekend in their city.

Of course, those three are not the only leaders in the niche of the event planning. Many other apps become extremely popular with users. It provides a good chance for creative and talented developers to come up with something new and unique to offer. You can benefit from Eventbrite example. This application hardly has any competitors in the field. It has grown into the absolute leader with so many great features to take the advantage for your future application.

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A brief introduction into eventbrite

Kevin Hartz is the founder of the award-winning application. He already made a name for himself while working on the PayPal project. In 2006, he decided to team up with his beloved wife and Renaud Visage to create a new application that would let users opt for some best upcoming events. What a loving couple launched 10 years ago has eventually turned into a billion dollar company featuring tons of subscribers globally.

Eventbrite appeared to be so successful that the company entered the list of the most successful startups listed in the Unicorn Club. Over 80 million users ordered tickets using the app by 2014. The company keeps on raising its funding with hundreds of millions invested in new features, development and modification.

The application has proved to be beneficiary for not only ordinary users looking for a concert or movie, but also for venue holders and event organizers. Eventbrite introduces some innovative features that let you manage your ticket purchases as well as find particular events in according with your location. Users can benefit from digital wallets, Facebook integration letting them track shows and parties put on by their friends.

For event organizers

The first and foremost revenue source comes from event organizers. We have Eventbrite on the one side that deals with all necessary arrangements related to ticket sales online. On the other hand, we have organizers who are ready to pay for such services. They do not have to care about any promotion or commercial. Eventbrite will deliver their offer to the targeted audience. Both sided benefit from enormous profits.

Imagine that you are an organizer and you what to sell tickets for the upcoming indie concert. You want to avoid any headaches related to selling and promoting. All you need is to register your event in the app. The procedure is FREE! You only need to pay a fee for every ticket purchased using the application. Organizers pay 2.5% of a single ticket price in addition to $0.99 per every purchase. Note that Eventbrite also charges extra fees for using credit cards. The application supports other major payment options. Users are free to complete the transaction using their PayPal accounts or via

Organizers are able to influence their sales and spread the information on the event via Facebook. The application is integrated with an essential feature also known as “Buy Ticket”. It has proved to be an efficient advertising tool that results in a bigger number of tickets sold. Whenever an organizer wants to use this feature, he or she only need to press “Publish to Facebook” button. That’s it!

Developers never stop modifying their service implementing new essential ideas and options. Eventbrite is now available along with a reservation tool letting users book seating in advance. Adding such feature appeared to be a turning point for the app in general. It is now introduced not only to informal events but also to special meetings and official presentations. The app has grown into a huge ticketing service, able to compete with some other major players in the market like Ticketmaster and some others.

More apps to benefit

Eventbrite represents several additional apps that come as extra tools for organizers. Entry Manager app is a goof example of such option. It provides a full picture and in-depth analysis of the attendance before and after the event. Organizers now have a chance to look into details including the number of attendees, a number of tickets sold, checking in information and more.

At the Door app is another great solution introduced by Eventbrite. It is actually a huge digital box office. It lets organizers check in their guests as well as process all transactions made via credit cards. This tool additionally comes with a card reader making it possible for organizers to reduce their costs and paying only 35% fee for credit card processing. On the other hand, attendees will appreciate the fact that At The Door tool is accessible from any mobile device powered by iOS or Android represented by some other players like PayPal Here and Square.

We have already paid your attention to the fact that attracting third parties to your product is not always a good idea. The same thing is with Eventbrite. On the one hand, developers try to make everything possible to provide essential services. On the other hand, PayPal and Square are also interested in earning money. Moreover, organizers from Eventbrite are not able to synchronize Square with their accounts, as it does not offer an open API. In other words, you will have to provide all data on the upcoming event and tickets to the third party, which is certainly a drawback.

In 2013 Eventbrite chiefs had announced their collaboration with some other ticketing services and event planning companies. They include an Argentina-based Eventioz service and Lanyrd hailing from the UKs capital. You will hardly find much information about Eventioz unless you are from Argentina. On the other hand, Lanyrd is a well-known service aimed at searching for new innovative solutions and establishing strong relations with its partners.

A London-based service comes in the form of a planning application that lets users seek for different events using social networks like Tweeter. The application integrates with Tweeter contacts and transports all information on a particular event to users’ devices. You can now look through the entire list of attendees and participants. Integration with Google Map will never let you get lost.

Nothing more but a huge deal

Of course, Eventbrite is certainly a leader in the niche. However, it does not mean you do not have a chance to grab your piece of a pie. The perfection can never be limited. There are plenty of prize-winning features and tools to offer yet not implemented by Eventbrite and other event planning applications.

We have some good news! Eventbrite offers an API open source. Happy? Now you will hardly face any difficulties in choosing the most efficient monetizing model for your app. Feel free to express your own creativity and developing talents. You can add any tool of your own and get a full access to an endless event data source.