Although construction companies don’t head the list of the most technology-centered businesses, they are open to digital transformation. Also, the construction industry is currently in need of easy-to-use solutions to improve productivity and deliver better outcomes.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, the construction sector faces productivity challenges. Such challenges can be effectively addressed by implementing digitalization and automating business processes. Still, 35.9% of employees in construction still have doubts about adopting new technologies.

Our construction software developers can help integrate digital technologies into construction businesses. But first off, let’s define what you should do to positively impact the industry.

The roadmap to improve the construction industry 

As a typical construction project involves multiple contractors and suppliers, it might be difficult to implement digital transformation in several organizations at the same time. Each organization has unique requirements and goals and needs a specific approach to transformation. 

Here are some steps to help you overcome challenges in the construction industry: 

1. Identify operational changes that will improve work performance in the construction sector

Before building construction software, you should define what processes within the industry require changes. Once you understand what can be enhanced and how, you can start thinking of digital solutions that can be made to bring improvements and increase productivity.

For instance, PlanRadar is a platform that helps companies deal with such challenging aspects of the construction sector as documentation and collaboration. It helps digitize construction and real estate documents, as well as establish effective communication between all project members.


plan radar

2. Define use cases that will enable those changes

Your next step is to develop digital use cases to trigger operational changes in a construction company. A use case should specify what should be improved, what tools are required, and what benefits this improvement can bring. For example, it may look like this ‒ “Speed up the project execution time by using a software tool that immediately notifies all members of the construction team of plan updates, and provides access to them.”

3. Build digital use cases that smooth interactions between departments and contractors

Many organizations (contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and more) can collaborate on a single construction project, so hassle-free communication between these organizations is paramount to achieving project goals. Communication can be established through a construction management system.

For example, let’s look at a German construction startup Cosuno. The platform with a valuation of $150 million helps arrange collaboration between all parties working on the construction project. 



4. Equip yourself with new technical skills

Construction tools help automate processes like designing, planning, management, and more. For example, by building construction cost estimating software, you can automate project price estimation and help companies save time picking out subcontractors. Once a subcontractor is chosen, the software can automatically inform them of a newly requested project and provide all the required documents.

To build a software solution for the construction sector, you have two options ‒ augment your team with construction software developers or outsource the project to a reliable vendor. Both options are possible with JatApp. 

We can provide narrowly-focused specialists to build design and construction software. You will have full control over your team and the project’s progress. 

When outsourcing construction software development to JatApp, you get a professional cross-functional team with the required experience that is fully responsible for achieving your project goals.  

5. Shift from a linear design process to a more iterative approach

When building new software for construction companies, you should also consider introducing new approaches to project development. 

You can adopt Agile methodology and have your team develop the solution in smaller chunks, called sprints, or engage professional engineers that have expertise in Agile software development. At JatApp, we follow Agile to effectively address issues throughout product development, reduce time to market, and deliver timely results.

Why outsource construction software development to JatApp

JatApp can help you implement a construction software project to digitalize processes such as project management and bidding, digitize data, improve reporting and real-time tracking, and establish effective communication.

Project management and excellence in delivery

JatApp can take full responsibility for managing your construction project. We assess project expenses and control them throughout the project. We will create a scope management plan and share it with you and all stakeholders involved. With JatApp, you get a construction software solution that fulfills your project objectives and meets your project budget and deadlines.

Design expertise and knowledge of modern technologies

Vast experience in design allows JatApp to effectively implement software for construction. We use design thinking methodology to create user-friendly and intuitive construction software solutions that can be easily adopted by different users.

Our expertise in IoT, real estate, and property management

Our engineers have successfully completed projects for IoT, real estate, and property management. Check out our expertise in these industries.

Near miss reporting app

Our engineering team created a near-miss reporting app to improve employee safety at the enterprise. It enables employees to report safety issues while managers can track and control these reports. 

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Developing microservices for a property management system

JatApp helped to add new functionality to a property management platform. We developed a microservice that allows house residents and services providers to get various types of notifications to their mobile devices, via SMS and email.

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Implementing IoT for power bank sharing station

JatApp helped a French startup build software to manage portable power bank sharing stations. We implemented IoT technologies to establish a seamless connection between a power bank and a device stand.

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