We have a great news for all developers both professionals and novice! Uber is about to crash the boundaries after the recent introduction of its API. In other words, every developer will have a chance to integrate these award-winning and globally recognizable services with any third-party application. You probably would prefer starting the integration process right now, wouldn’t you?

However, do not miss your chance and read about some crucial points on how the Uber API integration can be beneficiary for your app considering company’s recent release of Uber integration with Google Maps. In other words, every application that has a map as one of its features can turn into a potential Uber API partner in spite of the city or country. The brand has already established collaboration with 11 big names including Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Starbucks, TripAdvisor and much more.

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Benefits from integrating Uber API

So, what are the main benefits a developer may have from integrating Uber API?

  • Reduce the development cost – There is no need to spend money on building a new app from scratch. You will not have to find users or determine a target audience for your app. It has all been done for you;
  • Great solution to users’ problems – a problem-solving app is 90% of success. An integrated Uber API will let your users solve their driving problems letting easily get to their final destination. Whether your customers prefer eating out or traveling around the city, they will certainly need a taxi at some point;
  • Ready Business Model – Uber API lets you benefit from a complete business model. You do not have to deal with taxi services or negotiate your future collaboration. You do not have to do tons of paperwork, sign agreements or hold meetings. Uber API delivers a well-built and organized infrastructure right to your application;
  • Earn money with Uber – API lets you not only help your users to get to their destination but also earn a couple of bucks for yourself. Every new ride encouraged by your app will bring you $5!
  • Flexible solution – if you run an online store, you may benefit from a more efficient and prompt delivery enabled with only one click.
    These are only a few reasons how Uber API integration can help you to bear fruit and lend your users a hand.


The API integration process

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