The healthcare system is one of the top spheres that must be improved constantly. With the development of modern technologies, a healthcare business must be upgraded as well. The current digital know-hows offer a wide set of advantages for business owners. With a huge list of advanced emerging technologies, it even becomes a challenge to select the one to invest in and develop. Furthermore, modern business solutions must follow the recent digital era discoveries. Thus, you need to be prepared to take risky decisions and find a team of professionals who successfully follow the latest trends and innovations in healthcare.

To start with, the digital transformation in healthcare has brought numerous advantages to a healthcare system. The innovative technologies in medical devices have improved the development of the medical sphere. Artificial intelligence and telemedicine have positively influenced medical device usage. Moreover, electronic healthcare records based on blockchain technology have appeared to be extremely convenient and safe.

The latest innovations in healthcare allow improving patient outcomes, enhancing medical systems, reducing possible human errors, and lowering the expenses due to the use of mobile and web experiences. Digital strategies can be beneficial for the development of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. At the same time, less than ten percent of modern healthcare businesses have already implemented the mentioned digital strategies.

With the implementation of recent technologies, patients can get improved treatment, telehealth, and wearable medical devices. They can also use the advantages of 5G mobile technology. The medical systems based on artificial intelligence greatly improve the doctor’s experience and accuracy of diagnostics.

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Check the latest top healthcare technology trends to follow in 2020:

    1. Development of On-Demand Healthcare

The on-demand healthcare is the kind of healthcare system the patients want to get. It should be built on the patients’ ability to visit a doctor according to their schedule. Thus, it is aimed at improving consumers’ convenience. The latest digital innovations in healthcare assure the development of on-demand healthcare. In such a case, the latest mobile devices and improvements will be of high demand.

Since the world has already become far mobile, and over the halt of Internet browsing occurs on mobile tablets, mobile content marketing becomes important. Once using mobile platforms, you can target your audience and find their needs. It brings additional possibilities for digital transformation in healthcare.

For example, once you have a mobile platform where you can reach your doctor, it becomes easy to arrange a visit on-demand. Besides, you can get full information on doctors, including qualifications, expertise, and schedule.

    1. Big Data in Healthcare and Its Importance

The recent increase in big data importance is a current trend in healthcare. The huge amount of social media, online and financial transactions, e-commerce, and identified patterns influence modern businesses.

The healthcare industry can gain numerous benefits once dealing with big data:

      • The recent digital improvements allow a decreased rate of medication errors. The modern software brings advanced mechanisms of checking and monitoring the use of drug prescriptions by a patient. It allows checking for any inconsistencies between the patients’ health problems and prescribed medications. Finally, it decreases potential risks for a patient.
      • Improvement of preventive care can be assured by the profound big data analysis of the recurring patients. It assures a working mechanism of preventing people from returning.
      • Digital strategies assure proper staffing since a big data predictive analysis allows evaluating the future admission rates easily. Moreover, it also allows assigning the proper staff to work deal with patients.
      • The proper organizing of big data assures numerous benefits for companies. They should consider investing more money in analytical technologies and experts.

    1. Virtual Reality and Improved Patients’ Treatment

Virtual Reality is a cutting-edge innovation. This is the real evidence of beneficial digital transformation. This innovative tool has changed drastically the way doctors treat their patients these days. For example, in the case of pain management, the way of treatment was changed significantly. To assure less damage made by opioids prescriptions that were usually assigned before, the current pain management includes VR technology treatment.

The opioids prescriptions had resulted in a drug crisis that was one of the most unpleasant pages of American history. Nowadays, VR technology treats pain, various disorders, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress without harming patients. Also, VR is a powerful instrument that allows for gaining more information about your consumers’ needs and expectations.

    1. Development of Wearable Medical Devices

The wearable technology is a new advancement of digital transformation in healthcare. It was impossible in the past to get checked without visiting your doctor. Today, in the digital era, patients can get more information about their health by using wearable medical devices.

The wearable technology assures the development of modern monitoring technologies that allow checking high-risk patients more accurately. The modern market of wearable medical devices is forecasted to get over $27 million by 2023. The current devices offered on the market include exercise trackers, heart rate sensors, oximeters, and sweat meters. The wearable medical devices allow personalizing healthcare experiences. Thus they improve insurance incentives and provide additional benefits.

    1. Predictive Healthcare

The development of certain digital tools in healthcare brings additional profits. The big data provides a predictive analysis on admission rates and accurate staff selection. It provides a powerful predictive healthcare tool. Innovations in healthcare are called to predict various illnesses and diseases.

The Big Data analysis allows providing useful, healthy lifestyle recommendations. The tool analyzes patients’ activity through social media and creates a predictive model to predict possible illnesses and diseases.

    1. Artificial Intelligence Advancements

Artificial intelligence (AI) assures a bunch of benefits for healthcare businesses. The digital transformation in healthcare is greatly based on AI implementation. The medical tools improved with AI has changed the ways of treatment greatly. The recently presented Japanese nurse robots are the demonstration of AI advancements in healthcare.

The American medical droids have improved the work of nurses assisting in numerous routine medical tasks. The visual health assistants and chatbots are another innovation in the healthcare system. The chatbots allow diagnosing the diseases more accurately. They also can be successfully used as customer service representatives.

The biggest benefits the healthcare sphere gets once implementing AI tools are gained in drug discovery and precision medicine. Advanced AI tools can improve medical imaging and genomics as well. They allow analyzing numerous pathologies more accurately.

  1. Blockchain and Improved Health Records

Blockchain technology assures safe and accurate electronic health records. The technology was originally built to provide safe and fast transactions. Nowadays, it brings numerous benefits to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Used in healthcare, blockchain helps to improve medical records’ accuracy and to prevent data breaches.

The electronic records are the top solution for fragmented medical records’ problem. The electronic records allow gathering information about a patient’s medical history, treatment plans, diagnosis, dates of immunization, etc. It brings full contact data, occupation, and financial information. Blockchain is currently one of the most advanced tools of medical records and transactions for organizations within the healthcare industry.

The latest studies show that by 2026 the U.S. healthcare market will be financed for almost $6 trillion. The use of digital innovations and technologies can allow businesses to gain incredible profits in the near future. Moreover, it is the top way to transform and greatly improve your business these days.

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